Status 01/12/16

I had MRI last week and I do have some images, when I feel better I’ll post a few but I don’t see the neurologist (she ordered the MRI) for a few more weeks for official info.

I saw the hematologist yesterday, 01/11/16 and he kinda explained some of the MRI text to me (and gave me a printout of the text).  Basically, part of the “clot” that is in my neck as somewhat cleared (NOT the brain clot nor the clot in my jugular vein).

I know some of ya’ll are going “wait, what?”  It’s not just “one little brain clot in one little place”  if you look at the previous images, I have a brain clot in one place but there is NO BLOOD FLOW down my left neck.  The vein from the brain clot and my entire jugular were blocked as well.  [NOTE:  I’m not gonna hunt down all the links to that, but I know there are some here:  And, I will update  those images (which really haven’t changed) when I get a chance and I’ll let you know) ]

So, I have no idea if the possible increase in bloodflow is what is causing this new random head pain and lack of sleeping… actually, I’d be happy to hear that, even with the pain.  but to have it just suddenly get worse and be completely random is nerve wracking (literally and figuratively)!  I keep saying that I can accept a diagnosis of “the pistons in those veins are re-firing so deal with it!”

I’m also not convinced the “new meds” are doing anything to help me sleep… because I’m still not sleeping, sigh.  But I have attempted to get back to helping out at the carwash so we’ll see if I can function and/or if that helps or hurts the situation.  Clearly, “not” working isn’t helping 😉

The hematologist has drawn blood looking to see if I still carry the antibodies that 1) possibly caused the clots and 2) make me a Coumadin failure. He suspects they are gone, leading to the possibility of ending taking Xarelto.  yay! less meds!

This blood draw required multiple puncture wounds and a “new” for me… TWO people?!  Will keep ya posted!

Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers & phonecalls, they really do help!

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