Images from MRI 01/05/16 & status update

[pics incl]  OK, had a follow-up visit with neurologist and went over the results from the 01/05/2016 MRI.  IF… I understand it all, it’s overall good news.  While my left jugular remains blocked, the clot in my brain down to the jugular has lessened (you decide from images).  We are all guessing and assuming that the increased pressure from the increased blood flow is causing the pain.  To help with the dizziness and “sudden sharp pain” on lowering/bending my head down, the neurologist is adding Topamax and decreasing Gabapentin.  Tompamax is another anti-seizure meds but one that specifically lowers pressure in the brain & spinal fluid.  Follow-up in a month.

She also described an area in the top/middle of my brain that still has blood on it.  It’s not doing anything, just hanging around, so… apparently, I need to wash my brain 😉

I’m still just going with my completely unprofessional opinion that “it’s the pistons are trying to re-fire.”  So hopefully, we just “stay the course” with anticoagulant and see what happens.

Links to previous MRI:

If you compare the last image to this one from 10/17/13 you can see a difference. I don’t think I have images from April 2013, the original clot/bleed.

20160204_left_venus20160204_left_jugular 20160204_left_clot

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