The Inarticulate Thesaurus

I’m talking about me of course.  The now, inarticulate thesaurus.  I know I have a thesaurus in my mind somewhere, I just cannot seem to find it.  If you knew me “before clot” (yes, BC … 😆 ) then, you have probably called me a thesaurus… or heard me “call me” a thesaurus… a quick blog search []

Aside from pain, or weakness or other “physical” or “visible” type … injuries (is that the word I’m looking for???) the biggest frustration I have is the fact that I know that I should KNOW better words…. grrr.  Spelling… that’s right there too 😉

Words that often come out of my mouth now: “It’s like playing charades… and neither one of us knows the answer.”

These are simple pet-peevish type complaints and I am grateful that I get to have “simple-pet-peevish-type-complaints!!!”

[Next on my list… ask me how I feel about the person who invented “let’s sand up the painted stripes on the freeway” especially in the middle of a construction zone!! 😉 ]

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