STEM FRC Scrimmage 02/13/16

[pics incl]  William has commented before that STEM does not have a football team, they have robotics.  He is on FRC.  I came in and said “Oh I see, your helmets are actually safety goggles.” 

I was amused because several of the kids had on Splunk shirts (never mind if you have to ask).

Unlike REAL football, these teams actually HELP each other!  It actually took me a while to figure out which robot/team Will was with because he was helping them both.  And then I also realized part of my confusion was that the other school had a William… I will require constant supervision in other locations!

When he was younger on baseball I used to tell him “if you are not getting dirty you are not having enough fun!” apparently, the same rules still apply 😉

I’m not sure I look as cool holding a random motor as I was holding a baseball mitt.  You know, they run past you in one fell swoop and thrust in your arms “here mom, hold this real quick, I’ll be right back!”




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