Catnap Gone to the Birds

Peanut came in and asked me to hold him.  Yes, I know this because I “speak cat.”  I looked at him, thought about my morning and decided that a catnap might just be what my throbbing head/neck needs.  “Ok, but I’m fixing some hot tea first, and knowing you, I need a lid… I’ll be right there.”  Peanut knew exactly what I was talking about and went to wait near the chair, on the tile where I usually put my tea.  [see here for WHY I put my tea there]

We were perfectly arranged on the chair and I thouroughly scratched every inch of him as he flopped around to make sure I didn’t miss a spec.  He finally gave a very contented, purring sigh, and I decided that maybe if I don’t move my head and arm, I might just fall into that same catnap too.

As I am dozing off, I am listening to the birds outside chirping, I realized that it was parent birds teaching baby birds to fly.  All of a sudden… Sqwack! Sqeek! CHIRP!

THWACK!!!  against the glass!!!

Peanut and I both leapt up and bumped that mug of tea… so it’s good thing it had a lid … and was on the tile… in the corner!!!

Shortest…. catnap… ever!

Peanut asked me to raise the blinds so he could sit in the window and make that creepy squeeky noise he makes when birds are around….  I obliged.

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