The Surprise Dinner

[pics incl]  We had reservations for dinner tonight and there was a lot of whining because “The Jungle Book” got 100% on rotten tomatoes!  No we can’t reschedule and you can just go see it tomorrow.

But first, I picked up William from school and had one of his sister’s in the backseat.  Aiden climbed in back and gave me confused look, I just raised my finger as in “shush” and smiled at him.  William hopped in front, made a comment about having an AWFUL day ….”…did you get a new phone?” “No, someone left their phone in the seat.” “whose phone, THIS, is a cool phone?!” and from the back “it’s my phone, can you hand it to me?”  “what? WHAT?! When? HOW? WHAT?! MY DAY IS SO MUCH BETTER!”

Me:”By the way Aiden, meet Heather, William’s oldest sister.”

So now ONE kid knows… two to go.  We three are getting ready for dinner and the others will meet us at La Fogata.

We are conspiring, trying to figure best how to surprise Courtney and Ashley.  They arrived first so we had to stagger ours.  I walked in and immediately they didn’t understand why we couldn’t have done this another night, clearly IGNORING the 6th chair next to Ashley.  Heather quickly walked behind their backs, sat next to her and screaming commenced.


Psst, Courtney, Heather can take you to see Jungle Book 😉

Jaime was pleased to see her too and made us promise to bring in Drew… OF COURSE!


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