Celebrating Dalton’s 18th Birthday

[pics incl]  Today is Dalton’s 18th birthday (I had people explain to me tonight, that he now has two, this is his Earth Birthday, and his other Angel Birthday is 12/29/13)

I took just a couple panoramic photos, it was already crazy but our server said later that the line was out the door!  AWESOME!  Chili’s donated 15% and an anonymous donor is matching 100%

Our family went and rescued Herta Doig from sitting alone and we txt’d Marc Doig and Jeff because they could not be with us and we knew they were aching to be here. I even offered to let Herta stay at our house so she didn’t have to drive back to Co Springs in nasty weather (volunteering the kids to clean up after Heather of course 😉 )  The guys were glad to get this photo txt.

I quickly learned what it’s like to be on the flip side of the surprise visit when Marc and Cody walked in moments later!  Ashley took this photo to send to Jeff.  We now know that Herta can LIE with best of them and should go to poker night!  Herta-1, Scotts-0

Jeff was speaking at a conference in Austin, TX today:

20160426_TAZ_photos 003

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