Right Place or Wrong Place

I left early to p/u Will today.  I didn’t have a reason, I just did.  On the way, a trailer in the lane next to me blew a tire, it just shredded to pieces! We were going 75mph so the small trailer quickly became hazardous for the driver.  The car next to me was right behind them but somehow kept sanity and instead of diving into me, we both just hit our hazards and slowed down.  While this could have quickly gone from a bad situation to a wirse one, everyone stayed well back away from us, since tire fragments were flying all over the place and let us help guid this guy to the shoulder. kudos to HOLMES2 (car next to me had vanity plates) for not panicking!

About 10 min later on another freeway, a car a few ahead of me, also over to me left, suddenly overheated, while everyone else zipped around them , I was actually in a pretty good spot to let them exit illegally across a couple of lanes… so I did.

At first I was think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time a lot today…. but maybe… I was in the right place?

William said maybe I was in right place at wrong time šŸ˜‰ or vice-versa

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