Camping 06/08-06/12/16

[pics incl]  First there was this giant bug on William’s back


You know we play “extreme cards,” “extreme croquet” etc… well Go Fish isn’t any different… you play with a double deck, only matching colors make “a book” and someone decided if you didn’t have what was asked you shouted “GO PONDING!”  I don’t remember why?!

I finally remembered to take a photo of the camper popped-up


We were going to make s’mores and had the fire going when it promptly started raining.  We thought it would blow over so we waited a while and played games.  It became apparent that it was gonna rain all night and I decided to get ready for bed.  William gestured, don’t we need to go turn off that?  We chuckled.  Jeff “lost” & had to wash dishes, William landed fire duty.  Which in reality was a bucket of water and not just a plug to pull 😉

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