Lorang Family Reunion 07/01/16-07/04/16

[pics incl  Lorang is Jeff’s mom, Linda’s side of the family.  She was one of the four siblings, of which, Uncle Grandpa Billy remains.  Lots of pictures being taken by those much more professional than me 😉

[NOTE UPDATE:GROUP DROPBOX HAS BEEN SETUP!!! you can upload! you can also view and download, holler if you need that URL… ok and yes… you stalkers can view too 😉 I know some of my extended family knows/loves the Scott/Wyers clan…. 😉 ]

I snapped a few

Panaroramic of the group room where many of us are staying

8/9 of the Scott grandkids (missing Heather) As per TRADITION first by Age… then by height……. 😛

Heather is kid #4 by age


Heather is now kid #5 by height

and of course, the “silly” one

these aren’t the official pix but they are funny , I always like to take pics of the photose being taken

Many of the Lorang cousins

I duuno what she did but I’m sure she started it


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