Josh Pranked Heather 08/03/16

[pics incl]  Will & Josh had some pre-testing at school today so we grabbed some dinner, a video game & ice cream.  The conversation somehow turned to Heather & Drew and Josh started giving me places to tell them to go eat in Jacksonville (he used to live there), when I finally said something along the lines of “I’m not gonna remember all this, you should just tell her…” and thus, the evil plot was sprung….

We are a bad influence on Josh ;-P

Josh still has a Florida phone number on his cell, and William decided they should call her from Josh’s phone.  Alas, Josh and Heather were already buddies and had exchanged numbers sometime in the past so she wasn’t fooled by their trickery.  She did appreciate the good restaurant tips!

When I txt’d Heather the photo of Josh pranking her, she something along the lines of “it’s still daylight!”  Fun evening!

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