Physical Therapy 12/20/16

Spent some time figuring out WHAT was going on, then she worked on my head, neck and shoulders.  That takes some trust on my part, because I’m pretty skittish about letting anyone anywhere near my head!  I guess today was a good day for this cuz I was about in tears from pain, I have no idea if there is a storm rolling in but I didn’t sleep & my head is really hurting.  

I was hoping the “new drugs” the other neuro put me on would have been clear cut solutions.    I think maybe it might be helping w/ cold arm but today my arm is cold so now now I dunno.  The Imitrix helped couple times but didn’t help couple times… sooo, maybe I just need a massage 😉

Jeff and Will went w/ me because Jeff won’t be able to goto all of these and Will has off school for 2 weeks.  

She held some pressure points which made my arm go through various stages of cold & it was already doing that beforehand but it was kinda “weird” cuz it was tingly already so I couldn’t tell what I could and couldn’t feel on the left side.

I told William to take notes, maybe learn this massagy thang 😉

I definitely have better range of motion in my neck now but I’m not gonna go run out and try bending down 😉 head still hurts.

Schedule this twice week thru Jan and she said she’d discuss the dry needle w/ primary neuro after cpl visits.  maybe get some range motion exercises for my left grip.  right now I can’t do much.  I’ve NEVER past 9 pushup & if head hurts, NO WEIGHT on it! like today

will keep you posted

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