PT 12/27/16

Had physical therapy again this morning.  Last week was the eval session one day & follow up one day. [ ]  Ashley went w/ me to the second one and there was an attempt made to put my arm above my head, which doesn’t happen.  then i got to pretend “fly like an airplane”… think lying on tummy (on one of those massage tables w/ a face hole) and she had me try and hold my arms level.  can’t do that either.  clearly there is NO muscle memory on the left side.

i tried to practice that at home but i don’t have a cool “face down table” thing, and unless someone tells me if my arms are level, i can’t tell if i’m Superman or not 😉

she started out holding a tender spot on my neck again and i guess i also said something in conversation that changed the plan for today, cuz she promptly beat on me and made me cry 😉 ok not really  I’ve been saying, “no pain, no gain… unless your brain falls out your ears, then it doesn’t matter if you’re in pain, you should stop” ;-P

She decided there are muscles and nerves and blood vessels and we gotta figure out which we can mess w/ and “release” etc.  and i’m actually ok w/ this, I CANNOT hold my arm over my head w/out bursting into tears, can’t even get it close to “up” so i need someone w/ more “knowing than me” to help me figure it out [we won’t dwell on WHY this wasn’t already done]  I told her if she was ok w/ tears, i was ok w/ pain… and Jeff sat there and ignored us 🙂  he actually realized at some point during our discussions that he has a TENS unit for sciatic backpain and she recommended how to use that to help maybe “desensitize” some of my spots

This PT session was pretty intense & yes I cried but I also learned a bit about what is blood flow I cannot block off (what little i have on that side for now) and what are just muscles that don’t know what to do because, as she said”they had a stroke and haven’t been properly trained how to recover”

i better sleep good tonight!

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