My phone is dead 01/22/17

My phone is currently dead.  Very suspiciasly after I “tech slurred” my iPhone and said I kinda which I’d gotten an android….. so, don’t bother leaving a message or txt’ing me, cuz I won’t get it.  You’ll have to EMAIL me… or come RING THE DOORBELL 😉 

[NOTE UPDATE:  as of TUESDAY 01/24/17:  I did a restore to Saturday BEFORE I insulted my phone 😉 but it’s still giving me issues so I still can’t check phone messages to receive txts… guess I’ll have to factory restore it…. sigh…. To Be Contiued

also, Courtney is having issues with hers, she can currently use hers but it dies pretty quickly.  at least she can check messages and txts once she charges…. factory restore in her future too…]

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