Attempting to Keep in Touch

I’m attempting to KEEP in touch.  Therefore, some of ya’ll have been recipient of phone calls 🙂 [then my phone went on strike]  If you don’t think I have your info, email me (replying to this works).  You can txt or call & leave a message if you have my info but ya have to tell me who ya are 😉  (I won’t answer if I’m “doing my ONE THING” or at PT or I’m hanging out w/ Josh… & I don’t recognize the number)

 I think I have settled this stupid “labor dispute” w/ my phone but don’t trust txt/vm… IF it’s important you better follow up w/ email or find someone else in this house! [especially if it requires “remembering”]

I’m just kinda going down my list of family & Friends & neighbors, etc… wanna be on the list?

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