with Josh and Debbie at Children’s 02/06/17

[pics incl]  Josh must’ve decided I was “crazy enough to do it” and asked me to hang out with them at Children’s Hospital today, of course [to both]!  It was very interesting to meet the doctors involved in his new study [starts Monday] and everyone at Children’s is exceptional!

I’m convinced Debbie and Courtney schemed to set me up with “their perfect movie” soul mate?!?  I just told them each they “love each other” 😉

I need to do some “proper” introductions with some of our neighbors, but just “off the top of my head” “Dear Laurie McLain… Debbie likes to knit…” OH, there’s cooking, baking, she’s an author, lots of other things, MANY of things my neighbors do, the list is long & glorious… [things she does, my list of glorious neighbors, things my neighbors do, all the above]

I give up ;-P

Courtney also came running in the other day and decided that she can take Josh to the Chinese market (and to my delight… NOT ME), she calls this place the “push-n-shove”… turns out he loves this place and he’s now decided that he’s “gonna have a personal chauffeur” HA! They plan to go tomorrow!

Josh had another MRI today and Debbie has been keeping his website as current as possible w/ all that’s been happening:  http://team-josh.com/

PLEASE, take a moment to let them know stopped by!

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