Grandma Screamed at Us

It’s not yelling.  Courtney and I took Debbie’s mom on some errands and then… we needed smoothies.  She said “I’ll SHOUT  it”

I’m not sure about Courtney, but since I raised her… I was thinking “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  And I gave Grandma “the look” and waited… and I “felt” Courtney waiting….

Grandma FINALLY said, “it’s not yelling, in NZ when we say I’ll shout it, we mean we will pay the bill.”  She was wanted to repay us for the errand.

AND OH HOW I WISH I HAD VIDEO… of Courtney pushing & shoving Grandma out of the way from the register and all the while yelling “do NOT let her pay you ANYTHING!!!”

Grandma actually said “Jeepers!” and laughing & grumbling that ” it’s amazing how something so small can be so…” Yes.. the word you are looking for is…???!!!

Yes, all those words you said while laughing… and since I cannot understand NZ accents when they are laughing… we ALL just laughed at them.  and by ALL, I mean EVERYONE there.  it was a scene… an hysterically funny scene.  AND OH HOW I WISH I HAD VIDEO.

So… it was actually Courtney doing the shouting … all of it literally, as she paid the bill too 😉

I’m still laughing.

[NOTE EDIT:  I’ve been corrected, it’s “shout” not “scream” but doesn’t matter, my brain still “heard” her say “I scream for ice cream!”

but Carolyn (aka Grandma) said “Ps phrase is ‘my shout’. A scream is when something is very funny. Come to think of it both phrases worked for that.”]

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