Spinal Tap 07/10/17

Well, I’m on the flip-side of my LP… Of course, they couldn’t get the IV, took 3 attempt, including “the IV team” w/ the ultrasound.  Then the local anesthesia didn’t really kick in so I had to be still in pain til it was done.  But I highly recommend it ;-P  Actually, aside from this weird metallic taste I have in my mouth, my head pain isn’t as bad.  I know it’s only been minutes, but the headache from the LP is stronger than my brain clot headache I came in here.  

Will keep ya posted on results.

[NOTE UPDATE :  got home & promptly fainted.  just wanted to see if they were paying attention 😉  There’s a clean spot on tile in front of fridge now–HA!  The 3 of them managed to help me to the floor in the living room for a while but now I’m up in bed.

while I have a pretty strong LP headache… brainclot still not as bad.  I’ll probably keep ongoing notes here.]

6:15pm I managed to sleep some and my head still feels like an LP headache.  they told me to lie flat but that bothers the clot so it’s a catxh22.  didn’t realize how much my back would be sore & stiff 😉  I’m gonna whine abt that for a bit.

9:45pm Guess the reprieve was short-lived… head’s back to hurting again @ clot site 

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