Mom, We Were in a Car Accident

[pics incl]  When a kid calls & says “Mom, We Were in a Car Accident”… Courtney & Claudia were in stop-go traffic and she was in a fender bender w/ an SUV.  Happened to be a crumple zone in the Audi so it looks worse on pics that it was.  If you will see subsection A paragraph 2… Jeff’s phone drowned & we couldn’t reach him.

I drove up to meet them & offered hugs & moral support.  Claudia had waited w/ Courtney and got on lightrail, minus her smoothie that fell on the floor 🙁

Courtney drove home w/ me driving behind her.  And we are idiots for not thinking to call Jeff’s DESK PHONE…. duh 😉

William’s driving test on Fri will be interesting 😉

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