The Coffee Caper

[pics incl] A while back, Andrea & Mark’s Keurig died and they could only get a cheap two-mug replacement. It’s been causing them fits for past couple weeks and Uncle Norman DRINKS COFFEE! I remembered we had some Keurig points so Andrea paid the difference and ordered a replacement last Friday afternoon. (I received the notice that I’d get an email when it shipped)

I had this brilliant idea…. my parents aren’t home so…. sshhh… let’s go… “borrow” theirs. Uncle Norman may or may not have helped me with this endeavor.

I was mid-cleaning all the pieces and replacing the filter (figured if I was stealing their coffee maker, it’s the least I could do), when Andrea came in from work and said “There’s a big box on the front porch.” me:”well it’s NOT the Keurig cuz we JUST ordered it…AND…I never got the shipped email.” [covers her mouth laughing]”Oh…O-K…right” (snicker) as Mark puts THE KEURIG BOX on the counter?!?!

Uncle Norman and I returned the clean & refreshed coffee maker to mom’s. Basically, we broke in and stole it just to clean it. HAHAHAHA

[NOTE UPDATE 06/13/2019 4:15pm]

but for the record…. Uncle Norman & my Murphy’s Law isn’t as bad as Andrea & Mark’s

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