Camping 06/28/2019

[pics incl] Last night we attempted steak and potatoes. However the weather didn’t fully cooperate and they left me in charge of potatoes (oh go ahead…. and if you’re new… look up TAZ cooking… enjoy laughing) Heather rescued me and we attempted to just slice them and cook them in foil over the fire… some of them were done.

This morning, Jeff decided to use the little bit of leftover steak and potatoes for breakfast. Punting and going to breakfast isn’t an option… everyone else is working and we are w/out vehicle. Breakfast was delicious namely because Im not in charge HAHAHAHA (but for the record I had chili ready…. the night they hit a deer)

At some point I decided… how hard can it be to get into a hammock HAHAHAHA

I then realized its not the getting into it that’s so hard… it’s the getting out! I stayed put til Jeff finished setting up the fire.

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