Some Medical Notes

Just putting some notes because I can’t remember whom I’ve told what and so I will remember too.

I saw neurologist Aug 19, 2019 just for routine follow up. He decided it’s time to do bit more thorough of an MRI/MRV since it’s been about 18mo since last one and that one didn’t include the arteries down my neck/chest area (past the surgical area).

Had the MRI/MRV this morning 09/03/19… at 6am, that was fun. Of course they couldn’t stick me so that took forever! I’ll have to keep ya posted on results.

I have a 2-day sleep study coming up soon… probably next week. Still not sleeping but I doubt this is gonna show anything since it’s my head waking me up not something like apnea (well I’m assuming). will keep ya posted but I also have referral to head pain specialists… after that.

so… just a data dump, feel free to ask questions

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