Strain The Beans

[pics incl] I’m not a fan of soggy food. Don’t you dare dunk your cookie in my milk! I don’t want the ice cream on top of my hot pie and I prefer my cereal crunchy. HAHAHAHA

Tonight we were attempting to online pre-order Chipotle but their website was giving everyone problems. Finally, Heather managed to input the orders ANS she was verifying the orders… mine of course had a note that said “please strain the beans.” I really don’t like it when I pick up my burrito and bean juice gets everywhere and/or makes my tortilla completely soggy (hehe)…. Don’t get me wrong, I like charro beans, just not IN my burrito.

The notes section was causing her more frustration and she finally announced “Well at worse case I’ve now changed your name to “strain the beans” ”

…. and now… let the comments begin…. Jeff: “I’m gonna start calling her STB”

and YES…. Chipotle put that on my order.

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