Courtney is Safe and Other Updates

[pics incl] I haven’t posted in a while & some of ya’ll called/txt to check on Courtney. She has not been in mainland China for couple weeks

She had a 4-5 day trip to Philippines scheduled (idk exactly but around 01/20/20) and has since remained away from Shanghai (as of today 02/06/20 her school and many businesses are still closed anyway). She and friends remained im Phillipines , she met other friends in Bali last week and had already had a trip planned to Taiwan for next week. Hopefully , she will know more after that.

[pix of Phillipines ]

[it was snowing here so we swapped snow & beach pics]

[very funny Pokémon conversation ]

[pix of Bali]

and in case there was ever any doubt if I taught her to “be blonde…”

She doesn’t always have the best service everywhere but we have been able to keep in touch. She appreciates all the well wishes!

Quick updates on everyone else:

Some of ya’ll have asked about Claudia, she’s in Japan not China and so far so good. She also sends me random photos & funny things :

Jeff has been doing some traveling w/ VMware so I might tag along some and/or come visit some of ya’ll instead (ya never know 😋). My head is still attached, so as long as it doesn’t fall off mid-flight, guess I can learn to deal w/ pain (which isn’t always for every flight so it’s hard to troubleshoot!).

Heather still works at same place and does some impressive Atlassian/ Confluence /Jira stuff, if I lost ya, just see that as IT stuff HAHAHAHA.

Ashley is putting in a request to graduate from CU-Denver in May 2020. (if memory serves its now psychology w/ minors in neuro-psychology & Chinese? but to be honest I’m not positive so if she corrects me, I’ll let ya know.)

William is taking dual community college / university classes (all at same location in CR) majoring in cyber-secuity thru CSU-Pueblo.

The Leung’s have acquired Daff and he is now working some of Ashley’s hours (she’s still there some) at MRCW (she has graduate classes & lab internship stuff now). So… yup William is still there too so ya’ll still know half the employees HAHAHAHA!

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