Our First Night on the Catamaran 01/22/22

[pics incl] After we left Sugar Mill on 01/22/22, we hung out in the harbor and bought our snorkeling gear. [Due to covid, they weren’t allowing anyone to share gear.]. We all mer at a beach restaurant before heading to the catamaran in the evening.

We spent the evening getting settled into our rooms and meeting the other guests while they moved us to a nearby cove for the night.

We realized later that we didn’t get any pictures of the rooms. We had an issue with our room the first night because the corner of the bed was wet. The sliding window above the bed has not been sealed completely when they pressure washed the boat. Fortunately for us, there was another empty room, so we just slept in that room the first night.

View of the shoreline from the boat.

One of the other boats in our group lit up blue overnight. I’ll have to get Jeff to help me identify WHERE we are located.

I was up early taking sunrise pics.

Our chef made cute little fruit designs.

We put on suits to go snorkeling… but first, they fixed piña coladas. I was attempting to see what the front trampoline was like during that time so Jeff thought it’d be cute if I attempted to hold my drink, in a dress thing that goes over swimsuits… while trying to stand on a mesh thing… on a moving boat. [By this time, I’d already found & put on one of those ear patch things to prevent sea sickness.]. I could not stand & hold a drink. I popped down really last like and pretended I could sit and hold it 😉

We actually had OK cell service so we txtd the kids a lot. Jeff also felt compelled to txt Sheri/Jody cuz he really wants a boat. They just sold theirs. This trip is really about seeing HOW I will do on a boat for extended time. I’m a teensy green but so far… OK. … Yah… he’s looking at boat listings already 😂

We are stopping here for the evening.

More to come… enjoy!

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