Flying to Newark 04/22/22

[pics incl] The are no direct flights on United from Denver to Antigua, so we have to fly to Newark the night beforehand. Jeff had gone on a trip last week and mentioned to Ashley that there was no place to set his ipad on the seat in front so he could watch a movie.

She printed up something to hook on the magazine rack. She asked him to give her feedback so she can improve it.

We won’t discuss how miserable I was on the entire flight…. sigh. We made it to the hotel, I snapped a couple pictures and crashed.

I was feeling better Saturday morning for our flight from Newark to Antigua.

We got to watch the moon for a minute.

It was super cloudy the entire flight.

Scott <20 minutes left in the flight they came around and said we had to fill out customs forms… in pen. Who had pens on vacation?! Everyone scrambled to share. The flight told us we all only needed one form per family… they were wrong. Most everyone in our flight has to step out of line and fill out more forms… and they didn’t have pens there either. I said… “well we are still on vacation…”

YAY! We landed in Antigua!

Stay tuned for more posts & pics!

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