Neuro Appointment 06/29/22

Today, I had like 20+ teensy injections IN MY HEAD (& neck area). Is only half as bad as it sounds… solely because I really don’t have feeling on my left side! His goal all along, since day one, has been to get me to “zero pain days in zero meds.” I think I posted recently that he has taken me off of one medication I was taking 3/pills at bedtime. But I want sleeping well so we added ONE back.

I had the spinal tap from hell on 05/18/22 to get a pressure reading, which he said today was 11, and considered normal. HOWEVER, Jeff and I pointed out that I was still taking the brain meds. He also mentioned there my CSF proteins were a little high. I asked what that could mean but to be honest, I felt like he didn’t want to discuss that, just move on to the botox We had some conversation about what the pressure might have changed, but mostly he glossed over the entire thing saying that it really didn’t change our “testing plan” of trying the botox injections (used as a migraine dosage).

I may not have any benefit from THIS injection series, he said it usually takes 2-3, which is a detail I didn’t remember knowing.

Overall, I still get EXTREMELY CONFUSED when he tries to explain things and to be honest I’m not sure I know really know anything. This is why Jeff goes. He also asked questions & took notes about today’s visit.

Yes, the little pin prickly needles hurt like a sting and I’m not allowed to RUB those spots. That’s been so hard because when my head hurts… I rub “the clot spot.” it doesn’t do a lick of good but I do it anyways!

the right side of my head and neck really hurt right now but hopefully that will subside soon. I have a followup in 6 weeks and another series of shots in 12… incredibly, is same day and an hour after my next thyroid appointment?!

He didn’t write down or give any other notes.

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