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Grapeland Cafe and RV Park

[pics incl] We abruptly decided to leave the cold and head south. We weren’t sure whether or RV has freeze damage because it was only partially winterized. We had blown out the water because we thought we were taking it … Continue reading

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Scotty Surprise Birthday Cruise (Our First Cruise)

[pics incl] For Scotty’s 85th birthday, we all SURPRISED him with a short cruise out of Galveston . He had to be told of the cruise because they changed things up and began requiring negative covid tests. He and Jacque … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving at Wyers 11/27/19

[pics incl]…no… not that Wyers hehe We went to Thanksgiving at Anthony & Ashley Wyers. We were extremely fortunate this past weekend while we were in Grapeland, to be present for the baptism of Trip. We were able to see … Continue reading

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Inigo Montoya

[pics incl] If you don’t know who Indigo Montoya is, stop what you ar doing and go watch The Princess Bride right now HAHAHAHA The Princess Bride (TPB) is one of those shows that is often playing at our house … Continue reading

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Bourbon Orleans Hotel

[pics incl] Remember I mentioned that we were changing hotels after the conference? Well I didn’t have all the information (and/or I didn’t feel well enough to really pay attention HAHAHAHA). Jeff had gotten us a suite & had upgraded … Continue reading

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Sheri and Jody are Homeless

[pics incl] post date 11/29  Jeff’s sister, Sheri & Jody sold their house in Grapeland, TX & moved to their boat… and sailed away ;-P yes, literally. They have this kinda txt thing for safety that sends out a txt … Continue reading

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