La Fogata Dinner with Leung’s 03/14/15

[pics incl]  Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday so we planned to take the Leung’s to La Fogata (since last time they took us to Chinese New Year: ).  As usual, dinner was full of interesting conversations where we are still learning to translate each other’s humor.  Among the discussions included, was my allergic reaction to the last meal out.  Tonight, Kevin has ordered Ashley’s favorite meal, Copa Para 7 Mares “Soup of the 7 Seas.”  We decided he should NOT sit directly across from me, so after we took photos, he switched seats with Shirley and sat across from Jeff.

We actually stopped by La Fogata on Thursday to celebrate Ashley’s college acceptance [], but Jaime had left early, so tonight we re-celebrated with the Leung’s and Jaime!  We secretly told Jaime about Kevin’s birthday and they properly snuck up behind him and began singing!

Somewhere along the lines, it came up that Ashley should be considered on of the Leung’s daughters (so at work, she can say she IS related to the owners 😉 ).  She promptly started calling Kevin “My Other Father” and Kevin was thrilled… Little did he know that this is a reference to the book “Coroline” and is NOT a compliment 😉  So I suggested that she call Shirley “Mommy, Dearest!”  During the laughing of these endearing insults, Kevin sprayed his crab legs all across the table at Jeff!  Which just made the laughing worse!  Jaime decided to “help” by bringing Jeff and Kevin shots of tequila.  Ashley brought up the last time Kevin and Jaime were together, that there was threats of singing and table dancing [ ]  Fortunately, tonight, they left all that out and settled on Jeff trying to teach Kevin to speak with a Texas accent….. To be continued 😉

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