Girls’ Scout Cookie Caper

[pics incl]  Shelbi and Sadie came to visit.  Jeff and Sadie got along fabulously.  

after she took a nap, William walked in here, and she hadn’t seen him yet, he thought he’d just say “hi” and be on his way.  He hasn’t seen her in a while… she sqwacked, popped up in my lap and stood there… and I PROMISE… if she knew how to tap her foot to say “I’m waiting…!”  He had his hands full “…but… yeah, OK” [drops everything]

But THEN… we sent Ashley and Shelbi out, and that left “us” in charge of Sadie.  Courtney had girl scout cookies… and Sadie can crawl.  No, we didn’t give her lemon savannah cookies… I went and got her a plain sugar cookie ;-P

Sadie was totally copying EVERYTHING Courtney was doing and it was hysterically funny and extremely cute.

We dunno if she’s allowed to have cookies… ssshhhhh. ;-P

But then Courtney’s other kids were jealous but properly waited until Sadie was sleeping before sniffing around her.

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