New Delhi and Singapore

[pics incl] Courtney has school vacation for two weeks so Ashley is meeting her in Singapore. Courtney is stopping in New Delhi for several days first. They have sent some pictures I thought ya’ll would enjoy.

She txt’d novels about her photos so here are a few snippets from our conversation ” So I’ve been to 3 cities. Favorite has been Agra where the Taj Mahal is and while I adore the Taj Mahal I think my favorite is the Agra Fort. It was the home of some Moghul (Mongolian + Muslim dynasty of Northern India) King and his 300 concubines but they built it to accommodate all of the women’s religious and cultural backgrounds so you can see the influence of 4+ religious architectures and arts. Plus it was a battle fort and those are always cool. ”

“So here you can see the influences of Hindu (engraved lotus), Jewish (star), and Muslim (archway) ”

then Ashley has now joined her in Singapore

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