Val & Paul Visit 09/12/20

[pics incl] Val & Paul Morrison stopped through on their way to visit some national parks (Rocky Mountain National Park & Pikes Peak were on the list and we are between them!) They brought some friends Bo & Jody. So in this new world of social distancing… we met at a restaurant first. We did scootch together a bit when I was behind them for photos 😉 When we did return to our place, we spread everyone out using chairs too.

We all LOVED having them visit and meeting Jody & No was also a real treat! Jody and the girls literally spent hours discussing books, casts & movies like they have known each other all their lives! Come back anytime! [as i’m typing that i’m laughing cuz it “sounds like” something along the lines of “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?!”😂)

Colorado has been on fire so it’s been so overcast and smoky. I wasn’t sure they’d actually get to SEE the places they wanted to visit. As if on cue, mother nature spent a day turning our 98* weather into snow?! Their visit was pretty cool & clear. Colorado promptly caught of fire again the moment they left?!

more Val & Paul:

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