How do you like your eggs?

At what point as a parent do you step in when you child complains about school?  Courtney often says, she thinks she’s the smartest person in her biology class… This is a scary prospect as it’s not like Courtney is a biology wizard either.  I listen to her talk about the antics of her biology class and have often said, I think you’d be happier in an honors course.  It’s not really an option so she just endures, one semester down, one to go. 😉  Today, however, she came home with PROOF, that she might be… the… smartest… person… in… the… class… Her teacher “taught” (even argued with) the class today, that kangaroos lay eggs.

I was going to go into this long soliloquy of issues related to this but it occurred to me that I bet ya’ll can come up with just as many interesting ones all by yourselves… FEEL FREE TO SHARE 😉

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