Courtney hasn’t been sick in…

Hope I’m not jinxing it but thought I’d share since anyone who knows about her KNOWS… she was always sick!  After she had her oral surgery in June 2009 for her impacted canines (a whole other story in itself), she was left with holes drilled through her pallet.  Now my picky eater was actually UNABLE to eat many foods she liked.  So began the desperate search to boost her nutrition.  I went through a few different types of vitamins but they just weren’t cutting it… it wasn’t enough… it wasn’t FOOD.

I joined a business networking group in September and within that group was an RN who spoke of JuicePlus+… at first I rolled my eyes, “oh no, another one of THOSE…”.  The second week I listened again and I heard her speaking of some of the same issues I have, allergies, asthma, picky eaters…  so I listened.  She’s an RN, she’s a health coach, she’s a mom, I have to trust that my group has done “some” screening.  So I listened without the “yeah right, sure” attitude… and I scheduled a meeting right away to hear more.  I heard “17 fruits and vegetables and whole grains”… ok… FOOD.  I talked to Courtney, she kinda helped with some of the research and agreed that it was worth a try.

JuicePlus+ has a “thing” right now that if an adult signs up, the child can be placed on a “Children’s Health Study” for free.  SOOO, I signed Jeff and Courtney up (with Jeff’s knowledge but knowing that he was as skeptical as me… I had some health concerns to discuss with my doc first before doing anything different… I had thyroid cancer, can’t mess w/ my meds!).  That was mid September.

Around Halloween, a few neighbors asked how I kept the kids well… and I said… I don’t.  We were ALL sick… except Courtney.  She stood up and stood there and commanded a room of adults (12-15) and said she hadn’t been sick since she started JuicePlus+… that’s what made me think… and listen.  Here is Courtney, not shy, but doesn’t go out of her way to talk to a room full of adults…  Here she was telling everyone “that last year she’d already used up her quota of sick days by now. and for the last several years, always got bronchitis by now”  Then a neighbor chipped in and said “what kid takes their vitamins on a vacation without their parents?”  She knew that Courtney had gone on fall break with a friend, the week prior… and had taken her JuicePlus+ but they stayed an extra day and she ran out… Courtney had shared this already.  SOOO, now I’m doing the math in my head and ok?!?!  maybe it was true…. maybe Courtney was well because of JuicePlus+?

Next thing I know, my other kids are BEGGING to take JuicePlus+ too.  What kids ASK to take vitamins?!?!  So I placed “another” order, this time for me and Ashley.  I had talked to my doctors and since JuicePlus+ is FOOD, it doesn’t interfere with any of my thyroid meds.  After a couple weeks… my heart stopped doing the funny beating thing… is that a coincidence???  We hadn’t had our order long… like I said, maybe 2 weeks, so not long enough to make a judgment… when all of us got a stomach virus… except Courtney.  That quickly changed into a nasty cold/cough that made us all miserable… except Courtney.  My funny heart beat, promptly came back.    GO figure?!?!  Courtney is literally a walking commercial!  Our sick child is the only well person in the house?!?! since September?!?!  SOOOO, now EVERYONE wants it… including Jeff. Jeff found out Bear Grylls takes it (Man vs. Wild guy)… 😉  Ok that’s not the reason he started taking it… but now it’s cool to take it 😉

Now, I’ve figured it out… they (JuicePlus+) keep telling me… now I get it.  It’s not vitamins… IT’S FOOD!

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”~~Hippocrates

Well, if I’m going to place a 3rd order, how do I get a discount? maybe I should look into the business side of this?  So I did…  now it’s going to PAY me 😉  And I tell you, I’ve “done things like this before” and I hate being a sales person.  But this is a bit different.  It’s for my family, we are doing this for our health, and it’s working.  My funny heartbeat is gone again.  I’m not selling it, I’m sharing our story.  People ask… especially about Courtney.  The dentist, the pediatrician, the pediatric cardiologist, the ladies at the school office/health room… our friends, neighbors, anyone who knows us, knows about Courtney’s holes in her mouth and my desperate search this summer to boost her nutrition.  The dentist already takes JuicePlus+ and has a kiosk set up in his office.  So like I said… I’m not selling it, I’m just doing the thing I always do… TALK… about my family… about me 😉 … and now I get a paycheck too… WOOHOO!!!

I invited about 40+ people to my house recently and HALF of them were already taking JuicePlus+… so yes, my party was a bust, but really?!?  Look how many people already know about this.  I’d never heard of it… smacked a few of my friends & neighbors up side the head for not sharing it with me.

SOOO, here’ the thing… if you have sick kiddos, or anyone with allergies/asthma…. or you know you and your family are not eating enough fruits & veggies… BRIDGE THE GAP…. try JuicePlus+.  It’ll speak for itself.

Since I was annoyed that my friends/neighbors hadn’t shared this with me, when it was EXACTLY the answer I was looking for…  I am telling you my story.  If you want to hear more, shoot me an email: (I created one just for JP), or just check out the website:

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