The Remote

We got a new DVD player about a month ago, watched a couple of movies and promptly lost the remote, thereby rendering the new DVD player useless… ARGH!  Yes, we looked all the “standard” places for lost remotes, including the couch, etc.  It wasn’t until a cell phone and a wallet were also missing that the true “tearing apart the house” ensued!  This time, we (and I use the word “we” lightly here as I mostly watched)… turned over the couch.  This particular couch has a pull-out bed and as you can imagine, the entire thing literally SPRUNG to life when the couch was tipped over.  Our efforts were rewarded as the remote had been lodged inside the framing of the bed and would have never been found otherwise, phone was underneath the couch and wallet was right where it had been left… on the bedside table in the bedroom 😉

Despite finding the missing remote, we had over a month to lament its loss and research replacements.  Anyone with more then 2 remotes totally understands the frustration of “having the wrong remote” in your hand.  You can’t just grab the nearest one and mute the TV if the doorbell rings!  So, we are gonna take the plunge and get one of those all-in-one universal remotes and see if it’ll make our lives any less cluttered.  Then we can lose all the remotes at once by putting them away properly and never finding them again! 😉

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