Blizzard 02/02/12-02/04/12

[pics incl]  Thought I’d share some pics from the snowstorm we are having.  I managed to remember to take some “before” pictures and I figured I’d just upload pictures as we go.   Honestly, I thought by now (11am) that we’d have a LOT more snow than we have but I guess this is more of a sustained snowfall vs. fast & furious.  The wind is also blowing so hard (which makes it a blizzard) that it is hard to tell how much snow we’ve had.  The snow plows have been coming through regularly so the roads are pretty good (our driveway is another story!).  There is NONE settled on the trampoline and in the past we have had so much that it has stretched to the ground.  Enjoy…

[NOTE:  at 2pm today, several neighbors are posting pics of drifts 4ft or so! the wind is blowing around our house (up a bit higher than others) that in some places, there is no snow and others it is a huge drift.  There is NO snow on the front part of our roof and remember last storm I posted weird drifts?  Our neighbor Nathan borrowed the snowblower and graciously plowed a path through our driveway as well… you can’t tell anymore because of the wind… but I SAW him do it!]

[NOTE:  at 4pmish the REAL snow arrived and the wind died down, allowing the snow to accumulate.  Still lightly snowing with BIG FLAKES at 9am Saturday.  Marc has the snowblower now… notice none of us are out helping him 😉 ]

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