Welcome Coast Guard

No, that does NOT say “Welcome to the Coast Guard.”

07/26/12 3:02pm Jeff wants to go sailing… Courtney is willing to go with him (see me NOT going? 😉 ). She comes out all dressed nice with her hair in a clip. After a strange look from me and comments about getting wet from Jeff, she is confused. She thinks “sailing,” you know, nice & dry on a boat… Jeff means catamaran. Some discussion ensues and she makes a comment “we are going sailing on a trampoline?!?” They finally leave… in swimsuits and watershoes 😉

07/26/12 4:50pm They arrive back at the camper… out of breath, very wet and very cold. There was mumbling about: the Coast Guard, being glad she looks 12 so she can not be held responsible for anything, taking a walk-of-shame to the boat rental shop, and apparently pedometers explode upon contact with sea water.

Courtney’s version: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/courtney/2012/07/26/sailing/

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