TV vs. Cable

Today, Jeff, Courtney and I were discussing “the good ole’ days.” The time when we only had THREE TV stations that were over the air (one network, PBS, and a local college). You could get cable service that had a 5 channel package pretty cheap but that meant you actually had a TV! Go ahead, try to explain over the air TV to a spoiled teenager who’s parents made sure she grew up with The Disney Channel :-). Aluminum foil, antennae, etc!

After a bit, I finally said… think radio. That sent Jeff farther back in time when there was only AM radio and one speaker in the car… try explaining 2-head vs. 4-head VCR (so you get stereo sound) to a kid who only vaguely remembers VHS and lives life in a Dolby world!

Then she starts spouting off about radio wave frequencies, AM vs. FM and cloudy day effects. We just looked at her and she said “Physics.”

I’m wondering if that’s the homework William was helping her with?!? (jk)

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