Ashley Jogs for William

William’s gym class has been running laps/miles for grades. He pulled a muscle and the doctor made him take some time off. A couple of weeks ago, his teacher allowed others to come and contribute to the laps for their student. Sigh… obviously, I was in no condition to even walk 🙁 However, Courtney to the rescued. She walked over to the middle school during her off-period… but alas, William had told her the wrong time and she had a test during the other time. In my book, she earned HUGE BROWNIE POINTS for the attempt!!

Today, Ashley took William out jogging the neighborhood for his grade. She too, earns huge brownie points!!! Maybe I can get out and walk some 😉

[NOTE: on 05/15/13 Ashley, William and I walked a lap for the cause 😉 ]

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