The Sleep Study that Wasn’t

We all questioned when the neuro office called on Friday to confirm my Monday appointment with instructions for sleep deprivation study. I called back but the were closed so I left a long message stating I thought it was a follow up for brain clots, they needed to confirm all this, and since I was confused, the should call Jeff to confirm. They did.

So I stay up all night last night and when we arrived this morning… the sleep deprivation wasn’t for me….

I learned that I am old and need daytime naps and sleep at night!  Lesson Learned:  If you are unsure, even if they have your complete name, VERIFY name/DOB/address, probably should just make them do this every time they call….

I think I can see better today (typing not quite as difficult) but cant keep my eyes open any longer!

Neuro follow up tomorrow… will keep ya posted.

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