Neoro Appt 03/13/14

Stacy and Ashley accompanied me to my Neuro appt today. The last was:

Up until a few days ago, I was feeling pretty good, I woke up one day with my head hurting, took a nap and it hasn’t hurt since!

this weekend my head was bothering me again and by Tuesday I was debating going in, but I already had an appointment scheduled for today. As Murphy’s Law would have it, I started vomiting just before the appointment. Since I’ve had sick kiddos, wasnt sure what is up.

Lately me neck (same side as clot) swells too when my head hurts & the hematologist didnt like that either.

He gave me some anti-nausea prescription & scheduled an MRI (they schedule & let me know when).

Sooo… finally stopped vomiting & I’ll keep ya posted on MRI.

Last MRI:

[NOTE: as of right now 08:30pm 03/19/14, no update on MRI schedule… stay tuned. Still not feeling great so please don’t be insulted if I don’t answer call/txt/email right away. Luv y’all & thanks for all the thoughts & prayers!]

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One Year Ago:

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