When To Kill A Spider


I wasn’t going to blog this, but now everyone has agreed that it’s too funny to NOT share…

A few days ago (03/23/14), we were all playing games… (if you look at that post I was whining about being forbidden to post…)

Ashley asked if anyone wants to play poker, Jeff said “strip poker…” William yelped, “WHAT?!?!”

We all laughed & Ashley asked if he gets it, he very sheepishly (and bright red) replied, “I think I have the wrong idea…”

We ALL laughed out loud and yelled “NOPE!!”… he about planted his face in his plate of spaghetti… to which I said “death by spaghetti, having never seen/played strip poker…”

TODAY… 03/26/14

Claudia found a spider in the shower…. Courtney was in line to take a shower next…

LOTS OF SCREECHING!!! (see previous posts about spiders but it shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine girls screeching about spiders in the shower!!) [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2013/10/05/birthday-dinner-with-jaime-100513/ ]

We are staying in a loft, so the screaming echoes! Then, Courtney & Claudia leaned over the balcony above us to bribe William, “We will play any game you want, if you kill the spider!”

[he wants play Quelf, he’s been pestering them for days] He jumps up… grabs a shoe… heads for the stairs…

and I say “He wants to play strip poker…”

[DISCLAIMER: before you get the wrong idea from my 03/23/14 post whining… Courtney got cool whip on her elbow and tried to lick it off… I have pics… forbidden to post 😉 ]

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