Introducing Petty Officer and Mrs. Siemer

[pics incl]  Here are just a very few of the photos taken today.  There are HUNDREDS but I know there are a few of you wanting to see them.  I have NOT edited any of these so I promise to spend some time making a better slideshow.  I will also get the photos taken by the photographer (Burleigh 🙂 )  If you have photos or videos that you took with your phone/camera, please email those to us so we can create them a wedding photo album.

[NOTE 01/28/15:  I’ve received some photos from Burleigh and others so I’ve rearranged some of the slideshows, added some posts for “the wedding” and “the dinner”  Many of the pictures were just a bit dark so I did spend some time editing photos.  There are about 150, enjoy!]

If you cannot find something you saw last night, check for the wedding photos here:

or for the dinner photos (still in progress) check here:


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