La Fogata 03/26/15

[pics incl] While it’s true that we go to La Fogata to visit Jaime [ ] We often just pop-in when we are nearby and sometimes, Jaime is not at work. What I’ve never pointed out before is that there is another La Fogata employee that has known us almost as long as Jaime. She is not a waiter but has made a point to be around, especially if Jaime is not. I realized a few visits ago, that I did not remember her name and we quickly discovered that “we” did not know her name. When Ashley asked and she responded “Theresa,” we all did a double-take and asked her to repeat. My Spanish is not very fluent but I was able to determine that she does spell it with an “H.” She was thrilled to discover we share the same name and “quicker than I could translate” rattled off a story that included Ashley’s name!

So now… whenever we show up, Theresa comes over to greet us and often assists whichever server has our table 🙂 We are sooooo spoiled!

Jaime was not here tonight, This is Theresa.


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