New Hematologist 11/10/15

A few weeks ago (mid-October 2015), my Xarelto prescription needed to be refilled, so the pharmacy did it automatically.  I received some weird automated phone calls and emails that all contradicted themselves, but by the time I actually go around to calling to figure out what it all meant, I was told it was handled and my prescription was ready.  A couple weeks later, I received a letter from my hematologist dated June 2015 but postmarked October 2015, stating that he had moved to Utah and referred me to another office.  Upon closer inspection of my refilled prescription, he had only authorized that refill and ZERO others!?  UGH…

I contacted the new office and spoke at length with the coordinator, whom made comments like “we have a specialist but I’m not sure he’s accepting new patients……. ….. unless they have super complicated bloodwork…. …. … hang on a minute, I think YOU would fall in that category… … I’ll have to talk to him… ….”  By the end of the day, she had spoken with him and he agreed to see me over his lunch hour, in a couple of weeks (which happened to be today 11/10/15).  [NOTE:  apparently I was not the only patient abruptly notified and transferred to this office].

He started reading the file from the hematologist but clearly someone had pulled some of my “other medical history” and he realized it was a lot of interesting detailed reading 😉  He asked a LOT of questions and spoke to us (Jeff attended with me) at length (maybe about 80 min) and finally decided that there is no point in ATTEMPTING to draw blood “until he knows what he’s looking for.”  He’s not convinced that I’m a coumadin failure (or maybe I’m no longer…)   [Why Xarelto and not Coumadin:] and he wants to review all my records and talk with others, etc.

I have another appointment in a month, meanwhile, he has refilled my Xarelto.

The weather is taking an abrupt turn today from clear, blue, warm weather to NASTY blizzard overnight later tonight.  I am clearly feeling the affects of the sudden pressure changes and this afternoon, I am struggling with random dizziness and pain.  The last time I really felt this way was during that tropical storm (Bill?) over the summer: and/or whenever I attempt to go up into the mountains.  Clearly pressure is an issue.  I cannot bend down at all and Iv’e stumbled a few times, so William has decided that I am to SIT STILL and do noghting else without his supervision! 😉

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