MRI 01/05/16

Had MRI this morning and as usual it took many hours instead of 45-50 minutes. Yes, they called in a Doppler pro to stick me for the IV contrast 😉

I’ll have more info from the doctor at a later date, will keep you posted.

My “professional” opinion from seeing the scan is that “I have proof I have a brain… and a clot.”

On a side note, I AM getting your calls & txts but I’m still only able to do one thing at a time… I’m not “ignoring you… I’m just “ignoring” my phone 😉

I truly do appreciate them and hope you understand that sometimes it’s late when I get to read/listen and I cannot reply. Keep it up!

PS. I haven’t been on FB in weeks so if I need to know something, try email or txt or phone.

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