Eating Hospital Food Again

[pics incl]  Hehe… THIS time is by choice.  I’ve been trying to meet for lunch with one of my neighbors and “something” keeps rescheduling our time.  Last night as we were actually confirming that we could meet, I asked what she and her 3yr old like to eat.  I was assuming the 3yr old would decide for us but instead I get this strange txt:  “…I know it seems weird but I’ve heard good things about the restaurant in castle rock Adventist Hosp called Manna…”

1) if you KNOW me, I don’t typically leave my comfort zone but “post-clot me” is trying to be better about that

and 2) A HOSPITAL?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? I have SOOOOOO many comments that all I could say is “I’m game. I’ll go check it out BEFORE anyone needs to visit me there 😉 HA!”

Truly awesome and interesting food! Ya’ll go down there and eat.  Kitchen is open-air so you can watch what is going on.

I had the best date ever 😉  Thanks Sonya and Brennan for making this hospital lunch visit a positive experience!

more Brennan:

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