William’s Robotics Made Semi-Finals

[pics incl]  STEM FRC Team Impulse 4418 made it all the way to semi-finals at the competition at DU today.  CONGRATS!!

Jeff txt’d some pictures but I suspect they have some better ones so “this spot reserved” 🙂

I’ll see if I can find the link(s) to it as well, I know I saw one on FB, not sure of others.

The layman’s description is robots storming opposing castles by completing different obstacles and then shooting “soft-type basketball things” into the upper windows and scaling the castle walls.

William’s team elected to build a “defensive” robot.  (i.e. that could block the basketball shots)

Needless to say, the play by play txts  from Jeff were intense… guess who wants to “coach basket-robballtics” next year ;-P

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