STRANGE Wildlife

[pics incl]  Who has the “right of way” when you are trying to get into your driveway, you… the owner of said driveway, or the turkeys that are standing there NOT yielding to any “man” known signals?!?  The turkeys, of course.  No pics of them because by the time I realized I was acting like a fool “talking to turkeys like they are human” and needed pictures… they hurried off 🙂

Next on the agenda was crop circles.  Ok, since my yard is full of snow, “snow circles.”  I was very suspicious of the turkeys but they scurried off before I could thoroughly interrogate.

It’s kinda hard to see because the point of the shadows is over the circle.  I tried to take one in the sun later but the sun “slurried” the edges.  So back to my all too perfect circle in the snow….

I asked this bunny and he suspects a teenage girl but the owl in the tree kept saying “WHOOO?!”…  there are those creepy neighbor turkeys (or was it turkey neighbors?! 😉 )  the plot thickens…. I suspect teenage boy.

[NOTE 04/01/16:  Teenage boy fessed up to the perfect “snow circle” using a shovel.  Kinda ingenious!]

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