17th Annual Baseball Game

[pics incl] This year for their annual Father’s Day/Birthday game together, Jeff surprised Courtney w/ Press Club seat tickets.  When they arrived, Jeff kept walking past the main gate and she was like “Daaaad, THIS, is the MAIN gate?! they aren’t going to let us in another gate”

I think her 21st birthday baseball game will not soon be forgotten.  She was a lucky charm, as Cargo hit a grand slam during the game and the Rockies won with a walk-off home run!


Courtney was born on Father’s Day, so celebrating her birthday often coincides.  This is a tradition that they started when she was 4, she quickly caught on, as we did/do go to games as a family as well, and decided before age 6 that she liked the guy that played 1st base (you know… the one that Rockies retired his #17 last year 😉 )

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